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Now, I know that 9/11 is not a funny thing to speak of, but neither is the situation with the people of the Middle East. Keep in mind, people have their own right to their own religious beliefs, and if someone else has a different ideal than yours, it's nothing to be all up-in-arms about it. In other words, put down those stupid guns for now! >( We aren't doing anything good if we keep weapons with us 24/7.

The thing is, every religious ideal has its flaws, just as every political, social, and so-forth ideal has flaws. Of course, unless you believe in some...worshipping-psychopath-and-serial-killers-and-live-cannibalism-and-genocidal kind of religion, I have no problem with you. Seriously. The only people I am up in arms against are serial killer groupies and people who believe that rapists and horrible perpetrators should have more rights than their victims. And psychopaths and genocidal imbeciles themselves. Yep.

Oh, and...I'M AN ATHEISTIC EXISTENTIALIST. Guess what that means? I believe that I and all others exist. That comes first. That and...I believe that, if we work hard enough, we can all get together and control our own fate and destiny and decisions.

But, you know, I have NO problems with Muslims, Christians, Jewish, or any religious-group or any ethnic group whatsoever. That includes Japanese folk, and people already know how much a lot of Chinese tend to really hate Japanese. :( But...the thing is, I don't. I found that there are decent people in all ethnic groups, nationalities, etc. Just as there are horrible people in all groups and walks of society. That includes my own ethnic group: the Mandarin Han Chinese have a lot of good and bad people.

As long as someone doesn't intend to force me to take a different ideal than what I believe in strongly, and as long as someone respects me, I am perfectly fine and chill with that person and would respect them with everything I have. I would never do anything to convince them to walk away from their ideals, because they have every right to decide on their own what they want.

Problem is, that isn't the attitude that absolutely everyone else has. :(

For instance, I know a few people who tend to carp and complain about how Islam "needs serious reform" and how Muslims "should learn to not take the Quran seriously". All day, whenever I hear the news with them, I tend to want to run away. Because they KEEP COMPLAINING ABOUT HOW IT'S ALL THE MUSLIMS' FAULT AND HOW THEY ARE STUPID TERRORIST PSYCHOS WHO WANT TO KILL US FOR OUR FREEDOMS.

NO. Muslims are NOT like that at all. I, for one, know quite a number of Muslims, quite a few in my hometown and at West Valley College. Many of them are either my age, or at my parents' age, and are FINE PEOPLE.

What's more, they are modern people. They are so modern that they hold Ipads, Iphones, and walk around dressing up normally (and even if some of them wear headscarves, what about it? They genuinely want to, and it looks good on them, I say). Some of the guys I know wear turbans, and some of them may wear robes. But, guess what? Keep in mind that unless it's in the high point of Summer, dressing like that isn't a crime. What is wrong with wanting to dress like that, anyways? At least I and my friends don't see a problem with that.

Oh, and...for anyone's information, Muslim women actually have more right to wear what they want. Precisely because they can choose between their more traditional robes or the Westernized outfits and combine them. If anything, that's something I can envy them for, because they can wear jeans to college and take a headscarf too. Oh, and it DOES LOOK PRETTY that ways, seriously. I can think up a lot of ways the headscarves and robes can look very nice if tailored properly.

Why do we dress up and expect everyone to be exactly the same? Wouldn't the world be more boring if we had everyone dress up in the same way? Especially if all of our names were just about the same mundane way? Especially if all of our religious, political, theoretical, philosophical ideals were all the same?

The worst part, though, is the rants on human rights. Seriously...it's not as easy as you guys make it sound.

True, some parts of the world have bad situations. But, keep in mind, we the people of the West and Asia don't have it much better, either. I don't want to sound weird, but...I have seen a lot of people walk the streets begging in our cities, and everyone ignores them pretty much. What kind of human rights do you think you are preaching if people from your own damn nation can't solve that problem, hm? Don't those poor people on the street have the right to live? What if you ignore them and start preaching about how women in the Islamic world should completely dress up like us?

That sounds hypocritical, man.

Also, keep in mind that the reason why we pay attention to things outside of our world...has more to do with curiosity and politics than anything else. International Politics. Other people are suspicious when we offer to help them, why? Because we end up being douchebags and making things worse for them in the end. That's why. Just look at Iraq and Afghanistan right now: why do we need those entrepreneurs to profit from those places while so many people in those countries live in squalor and corruption and hatred? Wake up.

So, yeah. Before you start ranting about human rights, keep in mind that you don't have much right to say about it until you set an example for others FIRST. Your own nation will have to set that example, starting from getting rid of the gap between the rich and the poor, and ending with actually giving equal opportunity for all people in the nation. From there, you might be able to start.

But, before that, you have no right to complain. Keep in mind that people from around the world have their own situations, and it's not as easy and simple as you think things are. If the people in Iran are doing badly, then so are we. We, the American people, can't even allow our own women to have rights to their own body.

What does that say about us, anyways?


Jan. 1st, 2012 06:31 am (UTC)
I wear headscarf and have jeans and shirts to go along with it. It can be very fashionable ;)

...Why are we having a religion if we do not even believe (take seriously) of our holy book? Seriously? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. It's the same with asking any believer in God or in any ideal they chose to believe to question their own belief.

It's always easy to point out others' mistakes and judge others, regardless our lack of knowledge. We don'ti take difference well, I'm afraid, that's why we tend to force our belief to others so they would conform with our ideals, but at the same time, often forget that they don't necessary want to be changed and the decision should be theirs to make, not ours. Hindsight is 20/20, indeed.
Jan. 7th, 2012 01:13 am (UTC)
Sorry for the wait. ^^;
Damn late responses...I need to unsubscribe from those other emails so I can respond faster. =A=

Though...agreed with ya greatly on the headscarf and casual clothing of the West. :D I guess it's me, but I don't mind the headscarf aesthetically, either. XD

Agreed on that, too. ^^; To not take seriously on one's own serious ideals is a bit. .problematic. It is one thing for Christians to not have to take the Bible word-for-word, but...it's completely different to ask people to forsake all the foundations of their morality and ideals and so forth. I mean, we ARE humans, so we can't really just abandon perspectives just because?

Agreed on that part, too, so much. Differences are taken badly by humanity, which is why the 20/20 on hindsight is a seriously accurate observation.