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Title: The Truths of Being Alive

Chapter Title: 2. Shattered Reality

Author: Primal Red

Character(s)/Pairing: Kamichika Rio. Orihara Izaya. Ryuugamine Mikado. Sonohara Anri. Eventual Izaya/Rio (IzaRio)

Genre: General/Angst/Drama/Romance

Rating: R for psychological and philosophical themes and eventually quite a bit of sexuality.

Warnings: Dark themes and disturbing perspectives on humanity in general.

Summary: For most people, life had a way of turning out fine eventually. For Rio, life was full of her own mistakes. Or so she thought. [Eventual and gradual Izaya/Rio]

A/N: Dedicated, again, especially to the two who have inspired me infinitely on this work, Renn-kun and eclats_de_voix. ;) Keep the Izaya/Rio flame going! This pairing is so dark that it's riveting and fascinating. And, Izaya! You are so damn difficult to write! Oh, well, I forgive thee. XD