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Looking for a fanfic contest, but can’t find one that focuses on KHR? Well then, we’re happy to say there is a new community just for that! The recently created community, write_and_run will open officially on Saturday, May 7th.

Check it out to see if it's something that interests you enough to participate. Or perhaps you enjoy reading more? There will be plenty of great fics to read, so join up - or put us on watch! There's nothing wrong with a bit of community stalking (as long as you remember to read and review!)


So, yeah. I decided to join in on this, mostly because there isn't enough of sharply-done KHR fanfics. Though...chances are, I will be going into Kurohime, Fate/Stay Night and Kara no Kyoukai soon in regards to writing. Gad...why must thou fail thy potential so much, Amano?

But, anyways, if you want to join in or watch, feel free to do so!

On that note, I really can't wait for that other Cosa Nostra nonfiction text. =A= Damn it...why is it so difficult to get?

help_japan writing bid possible winners

The following people have most likely won my bids. :) One on dreamwidth and one on livejournal.

Winner: emory from dreamwidth
Thread: HERE
Prompt: 1000+ (undecided length) Naruto fic for 10 GBP, most likely for Ino/Chouji with Ino-centric combat/action setting.

Winner: dullahanrider n livejournal
Thread: HERE
Prompt: ~1000 word vignette Shizuo/Celty relationship development fanfic for $5.

So far, that's what I have. ^^; Not sure if this is yet the finalized situation. Going to check as much as I can to confirm this. ^^;

Writer's Block: Stories of old

Who is your favorite mythical creature/character, and why?

NU WA, the Ancient Chinese goddess of humanity of the Legendary times. :D She probably outshines Hua Mulan, since she was said to have been a leader and a warrior and one of the three GREAT FOUNDERS of China's people and heritage.

That and, unlike Mulan, she is worshipped as a divine being.

Basically, it goes like this: legend says that she created people out of the dust and earth and water with her whip, and before long she made a human race. She was the Eve of China's world, but...unlike Eve, who didn't do very much, the Chinese people owe their lives and beginnings of civilization to HER. She lived during a time when China was still full of people who didn't know how to do things other than to fight (mostly to defend their land), to farm crops, and to raise their livestock. In those days, women were not valued as much when men became the leaders, but Nu Wa was different. She was considered the most powerful goddess/leader.

One day, the four directional beams that held the sky up (according to the legend, that was what separated the sky and the earth) were destroyed by the God of Fire and the God of Ice in a major war, and Nu Wa had to force the two of them to stop. Unfortunately, by then, the damage was already done quite a bit: a gigantic flood fell through the gaping hole in the sky, and the ground was hotter than magma from the volcanoes. The Sun was shut out, and people had nowhere to hide from the falling sky material and volcanic ash.

Seeing all of this, Nu Wa immediately began to search for the largest stones and boulders of the land and burned them with her power. After working on the recreation of the sky and the four beams nonstop for two weeks, Nu Wa took the glowing-hot material and pasted them all into the sky forcibly with her power to stop the sky from leaking anymore. It took her several days to make sure that the material would stay there.

Just then, another disaster occurred: the great Black Dragon of the Sea became hungry as a result of the turmoil and began to live in the sea and ate entire villages of people for food. Nu Wa ended up having to take her greatest weapon--a sword that glowed blindingly and could cut through anything--and battled that dragon herself for seven days and seven nights nonstop.

Eventually, she defeated the dragon, but not long afterwards she collapsed and died from using up all her power.

Writer's Block: The long and winding road

Are there any difficult events in your past that made you a stronger person today? If you could go back and erase them, would you?

I will admit, there were two events that changed me in ways. One, most of my f-list knows about (that time, I was 18 years old and a naive one about men). The other, I guess I will mention here.

I was in Beijing at the time, and though I wasn't sure what it was completely about, the SiChuan province news suddenly showed up to report about an earthquake. From what I recalled, my grandmother lived in that place at one time in her early years until she moved to ChongQing. She had a lot of friends who lived in that province, a lot of people who tried to hide her and others and kept them safe from the enemy army in the Sino-Japanese War in WWII. Now...those same people have no home to go to, except to new apartments.

Over 69,000 people died in that earthquake, all of whom people I never got to meet or see except on TV. Most likely, 11 million people lost their homes, and many of them lost family members or friends who they lived with all their lives. From what I recall, the situation was so bad that even helicopters couldn't be flown over the mountains to the place because of the horrible weather (mountainous regions have high winds and even jet streams going nearby, which can destroy the helicopters) and the roads were pretty much blocked by the stone avalanches. They had to march several battalions of armies over the mountains, and many of the four-star generals themselves volunteered to lead the way because it was too difficult to get to the disaster areas any other way.

What strikes me most was that this event was something that I wasn't able to do ANYTHING about, other than donate a few RMB into a charity for the kids. I couldn't volunteer, mostly because I was an American in Beijing who had a schedule that she had to keep to at work, and the fact that I wasn't able to BE THERE to help anyone at all made me somehow angry.

I was angry that I was so indifferent to the events in the past with disasters. For being indifferent to the fact that everyone in the disasters in history had to go through something similar.

This also made me look back on the events in the past. The Indonesia tsunami also shook me at the time it occurred.I couldn't donate anything at the time, mostly because I had no financial independence at the time.

And, that made me furious. FURIOUS BEYOND ANYTHING.

I don't want to stand here and be just someone who doesn't know things. I know I cannot always be there at the place to help, but the least I could do is to help out in one way or another as much as I can. And, unfortunately, that was NOT what I did before.

The earthquake in Japan was probably the last straw, mostly because it had coverage and because I had access to seeing what was going on. And this made me wonder: WHAT IF I didn't see the coverage? What if I didn't get to see what was going on? Would I be indifferent and not care?

FANFIC OFFER threads are here.

In case anyone doesn't know yet...

  has started on the fanfiction bidding! So, if anyone would like to bid on the fanfics at the area, just click on the community link here:

Here is my THREAD, just in case anyone wants to bid for my work. ^^; I will do my best to serve the prompt that you give to me. Starting Bid is $5 per 1000 words.


HERE IS MY THREAD for the So far, I haven't seen a lot of good news in Australia as well regarding the situation, and though I haven't finished my other threads in the places elsewhere...I want to be of as much help as I can.

In the meantime, I will be going to help_haiti (seriously, there needs more help here), and others.

And, if I have the time...this one as well:

HERE is another link to a thread I made. Just in case the other threads end up empty. ^^; Since I want word to get around so the result gets done, at least. ^^;

help_Japan fanfic bidding

I know I might not be the greatest writer and artist in the world, but even then, that doesn't mean I will not donate anything to this effort. I am tired and frustrated by the fact that there is no world organization that doesn't prepare and research into preventing disasters. If I don't do this, then that would be another set of indifference that I hate. No more indifference, I say.

So, here it is...

I'll be waiting for March 14th to donate written fanfics to bring anything I can get to be donated to charity. I don't have an income that could help this situation directly, so I will do so in such a means. Here is my THREAD. In regards to characters/pairings and fandoms, I can write for the following:

Fandoms that I can write forCollapse )
Mostly, I'm saying this just to inform everyone...that I might be delayed in a lot of things from here on out, with the exception of that giant midterm on Monday. =.= But, otherwise, due to this situation, I will be going to write for the situation.

Title: Under the Endless Sky

Part: I. Trial through Fire and Ice

Chapter: 7. The Beginning of Routine Days

Author: Primal Red

Character(s)/Pairing: Sawada Tsunayoshi. Miura Haru. Dokuro Chrome. Yamamoto Takeshi. Gokudera Hayato. Hibari Kyoya. Reborn. Eventual TsuHaru and 1896.

Genre: Action/Adventure/Drama/General/Romance/Alternate Canon from chapter 256

Rating: PG-13 for combat violence, some blood. Will be Rated R/M in Part III of the fanfic.

Warnings: Use of guns, other weaponry, combat tactics, and fighting mindset and some injuries for the squeamish.

Summary: It was becoming an everyday occurrence for Dokuro Chrome to be watched as she sparred and trained. [AU starting from chapter 256, Post-Future Arc]

Beta/Inspiration: Lackey_h, Audriel, Tatsu-no-Houou, fira525 and Kuroshinji. ;) The five of you are so awesome. :3

Chapter linksCollapse )

Writer's Block: Breaking the habit

What's your most debilitating insecurity? Do you think you'll ever overcome it?

Writer's block. Again. But, anyways...

I think I have quite a number of debilitating insecurities, many of which are quite powerful. The most powerful one, though...is probably my inability to accept myself.

I've always wanted to be cared about in ways that isn't painful, to be considered a good person and someone people would respect and care about. Unfortunately, I never once learned to have a self-esteem, mostly because it was against EVERYTHING that I was taught about in order to survive my parents' upbringing. Self-esteem, in the words of my parents, was absolutely blasphemous and something I should never have, mostly because obedience has always been number one on the priority of my parents' minds for me.

Which led to my eventual inability to innately love and respect and be kind to myself.

Which also leads to the fact that I'm sometimes trying to change myself at a most unreasonable pacing. True, it is one thing to try to improve myself, but it is completely another thing to want to be completely someone else altogether and destroy who I am.

I guess this is why I don't like myself in any sense of the word, except for my ability to earn good grades in school. And now, even THAT is flushed down the drain of the sewers. :(

I guess I developed a lot of bad habits from this particular debilitation. Being forgetful, being overwhelmingly stressed out, and being paranoid and distrusting of all people (even my family members and friends at times).

So...I'm on academic probation.

For the people who tell me to "update SOON PLZ" or threatening me likewise...Collapse )

For those of you who already know I'm in trouble and agree with me, feel free to ignore this. I am merely straightening the people who have been demanding me endlessly to "UPDATE SOON PLZ", to "update NOW or else I will get mad", etc. I've been getting threats through reviews, and now I am tired of it. I don't want to update in such a way anymore, precisely because it is ruining my life.

s for chapter 7, it will show up in a day or so. But expect me to not update after February 20th until June 4th, 2011 (because that will be the day when I don't have to go to school...that is, until July or August). Before that, I will try to see if I can write a chapter 8 up for that time and if I can finish my Metas. What's more, I will be preparing chapter 9 through 18 during that time when school is still going on. But don't expect me to publish or finish them unless I have time in the hectic school. Damn it all...

As for the Metas...change of plans, I guess. I will update, except for the last few that are past February 20th. Because, no matter what I can do, I cannot do anything past February 20th if there are academics.

Title: The Truths of Being Alive

Chapter Title: 1. Sorrows of a Life

Author: Primal Red

Character(s)/Pairing: Kamichika Rio. Orihara Izaya. Yagiri Namie. Eventual Izaya/Rio (IzaRio)

Genre: Drama/Angst/Romance

Rating: R for psychological and philosophical themes and sexuality.

Warnings: Dark themes and disturbing perspectives on humanity in general.

Summary: For most people, life had a way of turning out fine eventually. For Rio, life was full of her own mistakes. Or so she thought. [Eventual and gradual Izaya/Rio]

A/N: I recently got into the Durarara! fandom, and somehow along the way I fell for this pairing due to the complexity and darkness in terms of potential. Despite what a lot of people say, the interactions between these two characters just strikes me to the heart and makes me wonder what it would be like to see them interact more. Dedicated to hiitsu Renn-kun, who is my greatest inspiration for this, and eclats_de_voix. :D You two are awesome. <3


Chapter 1 Link to IzaRio fanficCollapse )


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